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We have everything you need from professional nutrition coaching, to nutritional analysis, to custom prepared meals just for you. Whether you are an individual client, restaurant, or grocery store, our services will empower you and your customers.

Signature Plan

Take your nutrition to the next level with our PERFORMANCE NUTRITION Program! Optimize your health to get stronger, lose body fat, recovery faster and enhance your active lifestyle! The program works well with ANY fitness program and our team will help optimize the best approach for you.

This program is designed to work with and enhance your Personal Trainer’s fitness programming for you! TriCore + your personal trainer = Success!

  • Completion of Comprehensive Evaluation Form required

  • Additional Self-assessment questionnaire required

  • Provide recent bloodwork/lab reports (within the past 6 months)

  • 2-hour Clinical Nutrition Consultation with Customized Nutrition & Supplement Recommendations ​ (via videoconference)

  • Personalized meal planning consultation, includes initial 1st week meal plan (via videoconference)

$674 / one-time fee

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Meal Plan Consultation

Design meals that fit your nutritional goals! Customize your calories, macronutrients, timings, and supplements to maximize your results. This is a non-clinical consultation (based on licensed nutritionist guidance) and suited best for people looking to maximize their nutrition for:

  • Body Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • General Health Maintenance
  • Sports Performance
  • and more!

Consults available in person or via videoconference. 

  • 1-Hour In-Office: $149

  • 2-Hour In-Office: $229

  • Dual sessions: Add $50

  • In-Home sessions: Add $50


+ Personalized Meal Planning

Initial 1st week menu plan: $275
Follow-up with 2nd week menu plan: $149
Clinical Nutrition and Menu Planning Package: $799

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+ Meal Planning Tools

E-booklet: $69
Printed booklet: $99

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Metabolic Coaching

Foundational principles in fitness, nutrition, and recovery to apply to your lifestyle. Session provides educational materials, initial periodization block for metabolic enhancement, and foundational principles in health optimization.

These changes can provide you:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • More effective workouts
  • Enhanced recovery and immunity
  • Improved hydration
  • The start of optimizing your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Whether your goal is to lose body fat, improve strength and conditioning, build muscle, or maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible, this session lays the foundation for improving your metabolic efficiency!

  • 1-Hour In-Office: $149

  • 1-Hour In-Home: $199

  • Dual sessions: Add $50


Nutrition, Supplement, & Meal Plan Consultation

This “full package” Nutrition Consultation encompasses everything you need to tackle your calories, macros, supplements, and a guided meal plan. This session is perfect for someone who needs the plan and outline to manage their food and lifestyle!

Whether you are an athlete looking for optimal performance or a working professional looking to lose some extra pounds, this session will be the full spectrum Nutrition Consultation hit you are looking for!

  • 2-Hour In-Office: $249

  • 2-Hour In-Home: $299


+ Clinical Nutrition Consultation

Work with our Clinical Nutritionists to help you understand how an individualized nutrition approach can help you manage your health and reach your goals. A Clinical Nutrition consultation includes:

  • Analysis and review of your blood chemistry and health history
  • Personalized nutrition and supplement plan
  • Guidance in managing certain health symptoms

(rates via videoconference, in-person rates additional)​

  • ​1-hour Initial Consult: $299

  • ​2-hour Initial Consult: $399

  • 2-hour Initial Consult (+ CSS Alcat Food testing): $449

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Group Nutrition Coaching

Looking to get some direction with your nutrition, save money, and get ideas for meal prep and planning? A group nutrition coaching session is for you! We will tackle some of the most common and difficult tasks in nutrition:

  • Balancing your lifestyle with your goals
  • Managing social engagements
  • Education on nutrition hot topics
  • Meal planning
  • Recipes and more!

Minimum 3 people per class. $30 per person. 1-hour class.
Families welcome to reserve the class for themselves!

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Grocery Store Trip

Good nutrition starts with the choices you make at the grocery store!  Let us help you take control and make the right selections.  In this personalized session, we will teach you how to:

  • Read nutrition labels
  • Shop for healthy & cost effective foods
  • Plan for meals during the week
  • Develop food prep plans
  • Find healthy alternatives for the unhealthy “staples” in your diet ​

​Choose any grocery store in the SWFL area and we will come to your favorite store!

  • $149

  • Dual sessions: Add $50


+ Group Classes

Classes held at: Publix – Pine Ridge Crossing Shopping Center
(2310 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109)

Min 3 people. Max 8 people. ​$30 per person

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