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“As Co-founder and Managing Director of Trainerize, maintaining a company culture of health, wellness, and accountability is a huge priority! While we have had programs that have helped our employees that worked in the office, we also have employees working remotely across the globe! So, we needed to find one solution: a wellness program that could be delivered to everyone, anywhere in the world!

Our solution: TriCore Wellness! TriCore designed and delivered a completely customized corporate wellness program that not only met the goals of what my leadership team was looking for, but also what the employees wanted!

We have seen improved health outcomes, higher engagement in activities, and we are even using the program as an added employee benefit to help recruit high quality candidates.

TriCore is hands down an industry leader in the corporate wellness field and has consistently proven time and time again that they can deliver! I highly recommend TriCore Wellness for your corporate wellness and employees’ benefits needs!”

TriCore is hands down an industry leader in the corporate wellness field and has consistently proven time and time again that they can deliver!

Sharad MohanPlatform President, Trainerize, GymSales

“No more meds!! Very happy. Thanks for your guidance!”

52-Year-Old Male, Business Owner, Fast-Paced Lifestyle

First phase: Private Wellness Membership, Metabolic Coaching, Hybrid Training (In-Person and Online)
Next phase: Focusing on Blood Chemistry Analysis and Clinical Nutrition to optimize his health even further!

“I have been working with TriCore Wellness for
about 6 months now. I am not always the easiest
client. As a fitness entrepreneur, I often need
things done quickly, it’s often hard to get me to part
with my money. I can honestly say, since day 1, I
have experienced a level of service, technical
knowledge, creativity and drive that is extremely
rare. I feel like I have barely tapped into the level
of expertise TriCore has to provide. As they help
my business grow they will continue to be my
online services and training arm, I would trust
them with any project. Chris, Nic and everyone
I have encountered at TriCore are quite simply,
first class.”
– Ben Carr, Owner, Innovative Fitness North Vancouver

“Switching to TriCore and leveraging their Business Solutions Services has been the single greatest decision we’ve made as a company. Our mission has always been to bring a quality service to our clients and this cannot be done without a quality team and software to back it up. TriCore not only delivers on these requirements, but continues to exceed expectations with their agility, innovation, and dedication to the success of their clients. We’re proud to be part of the TriCore family!” – Paragon Well-Being, Business Solutions Client

“I am a 61-year-old female. I own my own business so fitness has always been hard to find the time. But after surviving cancer I knew I had to get on the right track. I lost 25lbs and 5% body fat in my first 3 months! Now I’m getting stronger and feeling great!”

61-year-old female, Business owner, Cancer Survivor

Goal: Improve metabolism and lose body fat
First phase: She lost 25lbs and 5% body fat in only 3 months!
Next phase: Focused on getting stronger & improving muscular endurance!

“I got the workouts, I got the nutrition, I got habits…
but I still wasn’t very consistent. I would maybe follow
everything and have a cheat day that would ruin the
next 3 days…I was going in circles and really struggling.
I tried the TriCore Mental Wellness program and it
really helped me to identify why I was breaking promises
made to myself and breaking all the plans I made. It
helped me “unblock” myself as I understood what
actually is blocking me from time to time and preventing
me from following my goals. Conversations with Becky
were very interesting and helped me have “aha” moments
in my head which stayed with me even now. So whenever
I break my rules, first I try not breaking them the same
way as before, but also come back to my plan the next
day and therefore “unblock” myself right away. Now I
can fully focus on workouts, nutrition, habits and being
consistent. Thanks Becky and Tricore!”
– Jovana, Product Manager, ABC Trainerize

“The residents have been so happy! Actual tears of joy when talking about how great this addition has been! They have been so impressed with the professionalism, care, and respect your team has shown our residents and campus. Thank you!” – Cypress Cove Senior Living

I completed the Alcat Food Sensitivity blood chemistry test. The Clinical Nutritionist, Amy, was warm, welcoming and provided helpful discussion to guide me on my new nutritional adventure…I’m able to optimize my nutrition and energy to live a healthier life!

KristenBonita Springs, Florida

When I go grocery shopping, I’m able to understand the labels and choose better foods for my lifestyle.


I truly feel that TriCore has given me the tools to achieve my goals and to keep on going.


I have indeed learned a lot and made significant and positive shifts in my time working with Chris and all of you, and I thank you very much! Truly worthwhile and beneficial, and I wish all of you only good things!

C. Brothers

Working with TriCore’s Private Wellness Program is a breeze! Easy, fun, and the results show for themselves! I have now lost over 40lbs and have maintained keeping it off!

RobertHartford, Connecticut

Without TriCore, my continued mission for health and wellness would not exist and I would not be where I am today — strong in body and mind.


“Working at a fitness company was really hard for my mindset.  I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.  When I worked with you back in 2021, I successfully lost weight and learned some great tools.  However, I didn’t commit my mind, body, and soul and therefore gave up.  I ended up gaining the weight back that I had lost plus another 30 lbs.  I’m 5’ 8 and was at my heaviest in July 2022, at 320.  I couldn’t do normal things without difficulty, had trouble walking long distances, fitting in stadium seats and was just plain miserable. I hit rock bottom and was only 45 years old.  I spoke to my doctor and explored bariatric surgery.  Unfortunately, our health insurance didn’t include bariatric surgery, so I explored lots of options and did a ton of research.  I took the leap and made the choice to do this for me.  Not for anyone else but me.

On October 20, 2022, I got on a plane from Tampa, FL to San Diego, CA.  I was greeted by staff from Elias Ortiz and Company and they took me and a few others across the border into Tijuana, Mexico.  I had my surgery and spent five days in a nice hotel with nurses nearby checking me every step of the way.  I weighed in at 305 the day of surgery.

I used the tools I had learned and tracked everything I ate.  I really learned to look at labels when I working with you.  Also, to eat whole food.  I prioritized my protein and water intake.  I moved….I walked a little every day and then a little further.  I consistently track my food and have every day since surgery.  I weigh every Friday morning and took measurements once a month.

I will be 7 months post op on 5/21/23.  I’ve lost 93 lbs (14 before surgery and 79 after surgery).  I’ve also lost 45 inches!  That’s 17% lost.  I still have another 30-40 lbs to hit my personal goal weight.  But I’m not letting that deter me because this is a life change.  I may have had 80% of my stomach removed, but they didn’t sew my mouth shut!  I still have to make good choices and move!

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I am grateful that I haven’t had any complications.  I am losing hair but that’s ok, I have a ton of it!  I still have a margarita on Friday night (but 12 oz not 32 oz) and only have one!  I still eat chips and salsa but only 7.  It’s all about moderation and not depriving myself.  I enjoy my few bites and know when to stop and be satisfied.

I know a lot of people are not successful after weight loss surgery.  For me, it isn’t about the scale anymore.  I have changed my mindset and feel healthier and happy.  I want other people to know the fitness industry isn’t just about going to the gym.  It’s making your physical and mental health a priority.  I believe everything I have done over the last few years has prepared me for this journey.  I appreciate all of the support I have received from so many people in our industry.  I have never felt judged or that I took the “easy way out”.

Thank you for your continued support. Now it’s time to get stronger and build some muscle back!”

– Laurie Kemp, Partner Integration Manager, ABC Ignite