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Blood Testing

TriCore is partnered with specialty labs to provide a complete picture of your health and performance. If you have labs from your doctor, we may be able to utilize those too. Contact us to learn more about our blood test panels!

Comprehensive blood panel: $539.00

TriCore Ulta Lab Tests Comprehensive Blood Panel

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Hormone Health blood panel: $388.80

TriCore Ulta Lab Tests Hormone Health Blood Panel

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The Ulta Lab prices listed are with our special 15% discount! Note: Quest lab draw fee is included. But let us know if you prefer a mobile phlebotomist to draw you in home or at your office – additional fees apply.

TriCore Cell Science Systems blood panels

These are just a few of the most popular Cell Science Systems specialty testing panels! Contact us for more details. Mobile phlebotomist draw fee required and is an additional cost.

All of our blood test panels are best interpreted by utilizing a Clinical Nutrition Consultation.