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What drives a successful corporate wellness program? 

Actionable and measurable change in behaviors that lead to improvements or sustainability in proven standards of health and human performance.

This says it all!

By using a program that drives internal motivation for an employee to WANT to make changes, this is what will drive results and success!

  • Some employees won’t need to make major changes to their lifestyle.
  • Some are already on the right track but need the next level professional guidance to help them past plateaus.
  • Some have unhealthy habits and need a heightened state of awareness to start their wellness journey.

No matter where the employee is, it is important for a program to meet that person “where they are” and help them take the next step.

This is what a true corporate wellness program should be about.

Are there set industry standards in health improvement that companies want to see based on healthcare and insurance costs? Yes.

But without behavior and habit change for the individual, meeting these “industry standards” can be a temporary fix for a temporary budgetary solution.

So, what should employers and employees really be focusing on?

Leadership Excellence

As a business owner or manager, it is your job to help guide people to success for themselves and for the company. Success is largely determined by human moods and emotions. And moods and emotions are a driver to company morale, productivity, stress management, and interpersonal relationship dynamics within a community and sub-community.

Emojis showing different moods and emotions

At TriCore, we feel that for a company to help its employees improve their moods and emotions, there is one common denominator that everyone can agree upon…. health and fitness!

  • Who doesn’t feel more confident when they look good?
  • Who doesn’t feel proud when they lose 15 lbs?
  • Who doesn’t feel powerful when they achieve a new weightlifting personal record?
  • Who doesn’t feel great when they cross the finish line in their first 5k?
  • Who doesn’t feel good when the doctor says they no longer need cholesterol medication?

These are real life success stories of TriCore clients under our guidance and programs.

Here are some industry standards of what most corporate companies are looking for in measurable health improvements…

The “6+2″ normals that reduce risk of chronic disease by 80% or more:

  • Blood Pressure < 130/<85
  • LDL (bad) Cholesterol < 70
  • Stress management
  • Waist to height ratio < 0.5
  • Blood sugar < 100
  • ZERO nicotine

Minimizing risk: What a Personalized Performance goal can do!

Data. Statistics. Metrics. These factors are what drive business, economies, sports, marketing, education, and nearly every KPI (key performance indicator) that can gauge whether something is working or not.

Putting a purpose behind a performance indicator, statistic, or a goal can drive someone into focus that can help them get there.

So why hasn’t healthcare and corporate wellness realized this yet?

Giving your employees a purpose for a performance based goal should be THE reason for them to get healthy, stay healthy, and change habits. So why are industries so hyper-focused on prevention and risk management rather than “performance management”?

NASCAR racing

Race cars are trying to go faster, perform better, be more fuel efficient, and look cooler. This is one of the reasons why NASCAR racing is so popular and has grown significantly in the last 20 years! The game of baseball has also completely changed due to the emphasis on statistics and data as well!

Rather than emphasizing prevention and risk management, using a performance based goal for a client to drive success, is hands down one of the best ways to also simultaneously minimize risk!

As a corporate wellness provider, we make wellness fun for the individual! We focus on what can help them improve in their sport, how it can make them look better, how it can help their focus and energy, and how it can help them sleep better! These are things that people want!

The feeling and perception of fun is different from person to person. So, to really drive adherence and consistency in a program, there needs to be a purpose and a “fun” factor behind it! Goal oriented and competition-based programming, whether for a group or individual, can be a measurable performance driven approach to disease prevention and risk management.

Simply put, marketing and branding something like diabetes management, blood sugar regulation, and preventing metabolic syndrome can be disguised in a challenge, sport, performance goal, aesthetic goal, or life event!

  • Training for a Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike
  • Winning a Step Challenge
  • Running a 5k
  • Benching 300 lbs
  • Losing weight for a wedding

What do all five of these have in common?  They are performance based goals!

These are also actual goals that our clients have had! And through the process of working with us, our clients have reached these goals AND simultaneously minimized their risk for health-related issues and factors by:

  • Developing habit change
  • Minimizing their risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improving blood pressure
  • Enhancing cognitive focus and wellbeing
  • Improving muscle and bone density
  • and more!

But how do you accomplish this on a large scale with large volumes of people?

You must have a structured accountability factor as part of the program! And what is the best accountability factor? A real live coach!

Coach training client

This is what sets TriCore apart from all others!

At TriCore, our system of wellness management connects a coach to each client. If they need something, a coach is there. If they reach out, they have a coach to talk to. For their goals, their coach is there to help them develop a plan to achieve it!

Our business model understands 2 things:

  1. Accountability and Habit Change are the keys to success
  2. Developing a series of performance based goals leads to greater success

We use tools like Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s), app-based analytics software, and advanced clinical and professional programming to develop a complete solution to your corporate wellness needs! And as our coaches develop relationships with employees, these relationships are proven to drive more successful results not only in the employee’s life, but with the company’s business goals as well!

At TriCore, our team is ready to help you and your team perform better and enhance health and performance at the same time!

If you are ready to take a different approach and get better results with an employee benefits or corporate wellness program, then contact us now!

Chris Edwards
Owner & Managing Director
C: 239-233-6178