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petes progress

No more meds!! Very happy. Thanks for your guidance!



52-Year-Old Male, Business Owner, Fast-Paced Lifestyle
First phase: Private Wellness Membership, Metabolic Coaching, Hybrid Training (In-Person and Online)
Next phase: Focusing on Blood Chemistry Analysis and Clinical Nutrition to optimize his health even further!

I am a 61-year-old female. I own my own business so fitness has always been hard to find the time. But after surviving cancer I knew I had to get on the right track. I lost 25lbs and 5% body fat in my first 3 months! Now I’m getting stronger and feeling great!

Janet — Naples, Florida


61-year-old female, Business owner, Cancer Survivor
Goal: Improve metabolism and lose body fat
First phase: She lost 25lbs and 5% body fat in only 3 months!
Next phase: Focused on getting stronger & improving muscular endurance!

janets progress data
robs progress data

Working with TriCore’s Private Wellness Program is a breeze! Easy, fun, and the results show for themselves! I have now lost over 40lbs and have maintained keeping it off!

Robert — Hartford, Connecticut

When I go grocery shopping, I’m able to understand the labels and choose better foods for my lifestyle.


I truly feel that TriCore has given me the tools to achieve my goals and to keep on going.


Without TriCore, my continued mission for health and wellness would not exist and I would not be where I am today — strong in body and mind.