Get back to your best.

When it comes to maximizing your results, proper rest and recovery are just as important as fitness and nutrition.

Physical Therapy

Restore your mobility and strength.

Our physical therapist is well-versed in everything from non-specific pain to post-surgical rehabilitation. However, you don’t need to be injured for physical therapy. Whether you are looking to maximize performance or analyze why you can’t get to the bottom of a squat, physical therapy may be right for you.

Note: Packages are intended for use after an initial evaluation. Packages are non-refundable, but they do not expire and can be transferred to a family member or friend. HSA/FSA funds may be eligible for these services.

  • Initial PT Evaluation Consultation: 1-hour: $199

  • Physical Therapy: in-office: 1-hour: $199

  • 6 session package: $1050

  • Additional packages available.

Initial Eval
1 Session
6 Sessions

Recovery Therapy Sessions

Manage the body’s physical stress.

With different techniques in active release, stretching, scraping and rolling, we can help to resolve and release many of the tight and troublesome areas on the body. In these sessions we also use different tools like: TENS Unit, Hypervolt, compression therapy, contrast, cupping, and Graston.

  • 1-Hour: $75

  • 90-Minutes: $100

  • Packages are available.


Functional Movement Assessment (FMA)

Are you moving in the most efficient way possible? Or is pain causing you to compensate? If so, this assessment is for you!

You will be guided through 9 fundamental movements. After performing the movements, our Physical Therapist will analyze your mechanics. You will be given a detailed breakdown of any compensations, and a description of why this is happening.

Already have a TriCore membership? Have a corrective exercise program loaded into your app at no additional charge!

$75 – This assessment is offered online or in-person

In-person FMA
Online FMA

Recovery Consultation

What is the best recovery method for my fitness and lifestyle? How can I relieve stress on my body and help manage my central nervous system? What are ways that I can prevent injuries and protect the old ones?

If you ask yourself these questions, this Recovery Consultation is for you! We will develop a Personalized Recovery plan that will help with improved health and athletic performance!

1-Hour In-office or Virtual: $99

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Normatec Boot Session

Used for compression therapy on the legs and offer many health benefits such as faster recovery and enhanced blood flow!

The NormaTec boots can be used in combination with a physical therapy session for FREE!

Now only $25 per 25-minute session!

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