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Move & Feel Your Best

TriCore offers Physical Therapy with Dr Gaynell Anderson. Dr Gaynell is an expert in general physical therapy in addition to her many specialities: Neuromuscular Recovery System, Pelvic Floor & Hypopressive Breath Training.

Dr Gaynell’s care focuses on core balance, flexibility and strength of the diaphragm, spine, and pelvis to optimize recovery functions including digestion, urinary function, pelvic floor function, immunity, breath, and posture. Outcomes not only improve recovery functions, but also improve posture and physique with reduction in visceral fat and waistline, and improvement in energy, endurance, and overall functional performance.

Initial Evaluation Appointments:

  • Neuromuscular Recovery System + Pelvic Floor Initial Evaluation: 90 min: $639
  • Neuromuscular Recovery System Initial Evaluation: 90 min: $425
  • Hypopressive Breath Initial Evaluation: 55 min: $225

Individual Appointments After Eval:

  • Pelvic Floor Recovery Training: 55 min: $339
  • Neuromuscular Recovery Training: 55 min: $225
  • General Physical Therapy: 55 min: $225
  • Hypopressive Breath Coaching: 55 min: $200

While we believe Dr Gaynell is exceptional, let's see what her patients have to say:

"For years I have been a regular 3 to 4x/week exerciser, from cross fit, to yoga, to walking, trying to find a routine that makes me feel stronger and more powerful in my everyday activities. For years I have had lower back challenges, at one point turning into sciatica. Of course the doctors gave me medicine to try and solve it. It was always there even after massages and other modalities, and it did limit me somewhat. Until I paired up with Dr Gaynell, who assessed my body and how I was moving in this “body suit”. She noticed that I had a weak pelvic floor and I was using my back for almost everything, even walking. She started a very simple plan for me to learn how to breath, exercise my diaphragm, and strengthen my pelvic floor. After a few months on the plan, I have no back issues, I feel stronger and more powerful in my everyday activities. In my opinion, having Dr Gaynell’s expertise to understand your individual body and put a personalized program together that will simply make a huge shift in how you live your daily life, and it is a must! Once you understand how to move correctly, frankly it affects your breath, and helps you to manage stress.
Pairing TriCore with Dr Gaynell’s expertise is a recipe for success. There is so much information out there on how to say well, and it is so difficult to understand what is right and wrong for our own bodies. Either we try anything and everything and hope we land on success, but never getting to our optimal wellness, or we think something is good for us because someone else had success but it turns out it's all wrong for our bodies. All our bodies are different, we are one of kind, why wouldn’t we personalize a health and wellness program. From the right kind of training to what foods work best for your body, to understanding your hormone levels, to having access to a coach, a doctor of physical therapy, a nutritionist to guide you - this is the mac daddy! Stop wasting time wondering what to do for you, get down to personalized wellness that will make you feel powerful and well and significantly enhance your daily life! I know it did mine!!"
- Jill Rapps