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TriCore is redefining how businesses deliver wellness services.

Running a fitness business is tough. Implementing an Online Training model should not be.

Skip the learning curve, trial & error and frustration. Hit the gas pedal with TriCore and let us help develop and launch your hybrid wellness program.

From small businesses to franchised fitness corporations, TriCore delivers results.


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Gym attendance & workout frequency are headed in opposite directions as at-home exercise remains popular.

Why it matters: Both the weight room and the living room are effective conduits for better health, depending on the person. Gym purists would never drop a membership and at-home evangelists swear off ever returning, but the vast majority of exercisers fall in between. Capture both demographics, and the inbetweeners, using a TriCore Hybrid approach.

Only 26% of US adults go to a gym weekly, compared to 57% who work out at home.

According to McKinsey, the proportion of fitness consumers with hybrid routines has grown from 46% in 2020 to 65% in 2022.

Hybrid exercisers were more likely to report positive health outcomes, with 55% saying their overall wellness has improved vs. 41% for all respondents.

Source: Fitt Insider

Member Fulfillment

Instead of selling just a membership, create a lasting impression by providing a memorable experience as unique as your business.

Teaming up with TriCore can complement your business by bringing in the technology and services that you don’t currently offer your clients & members. Elevate your members experience by incorporating modern day, easy to use technology to deliver customized workout, nutrition, and wellness programs tailored towards your business, your fitness equipment, and your members.

Engage your Members

  • Two-way communication through your Custom Branded App
  • Utilize push notifications to all members or targeted groups
  • Stay connected year-round with your seasonal members
  • Yield brag worthy results worth posting to social media #gettagged
  • Leverage insights on your members & utilize data to enhance your business
  • Enhance relationships between your staff & members
  • Expand wellness services in a low or zero overhead cost model
Custom Branded Apps

Custom Branded Apps

Tap into the unlocked potential of a Custom Branded App. Give your members the online convenience and accessibility to wellness they deserve.

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Business Development Consulting

Management Services

Have the backing & support of our qualified team of fitness, wellness, business advisors whose sole purpose is to see you and your business flourish.

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“I have been working with TriCore Wellness for
about 6 months now. I am not always the easiest
client. As a fitness entrepreneur, I often need
things done quickly, it’s often hard to get me to part
with my money. I can honestly say, since day 1, I
have experienced a level of service, technical
knowledge, creativity and drive that is extremely
rare. I feel like I have barely tapped into the level
of expertise TriCore has to provide. As they help
my business grow they will continue to be my
online services and training arm, I would trust
them with any project. Chris, Nic and everyone
I have encountered at TriCore are quite simply,
first class.”
– Ben Carr, Owner, Innovative Fitness North Vancouver