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Because branding is critical.

TriCore knows how important it is to keep your brand at the front of your clients mind. With a TriCore custom branded app, your clients have 24/7 access to a central wellness platform that can provide accountability for their fitness journey, allow 2-way communication with coaches, offer push notifications to clients so they’re always in the know and more! Your clients will feel right at home, no matter where they are, with your businesses Custom Branded App in their pocket! Give your members the online convenience and accessibility to your business that they already receive in other aspects of their life.

App Management Services & Features:

Design and Publishing with Custom Icons and Widgets

Unlimited Client Slots

App Management Support

App Store Listing – Apple & Android

Client Service & Support

Full Analytics Reporting

Custom Branded Apps

With the help of TriCore, creating your own app has never been easier. Extend your brand beyond business walls to deliver a hybrid wellness experience that allows clients to take control of their health. Tap into the unlocked potential of a 360-degree customer experience that’s branded as your own. Create a wellness ecosystem for your clients, drive engagement and increase your bottom line.

Leverage insights on your users, utilize the data they are providing you and enhance your business!

Your Logo

Your Brand

Your Business

Your App

Looking for API Integration or a Custom SaaS to help streamline your Business Solutions services with TriCore?

TriCore is partnered with Kroon Studios to help support all of your software integrations needs

Seriously improve your Average Member Value

  • Drive better results with education & accountability
  • Expand wellness service offerings
  • Data-driven professional coaching strategies
  • Coach from anywhere, anytime
  • Central hub for connected health device data
  • Enhanced communication with technology

Create loyal clients that love what you do

Retention is key to successful business growth. A custom branded app gives your customers a better experience from start to finish turning them into lifelong fans.

CBA Business Models

Choose which implementation model works best for your business to help you manage the app & its powerful programs:

  • YS Model – “Your Staff” – We can train your staff how to use the app
  • OS Model – “Our Staff” – We can provide the professionals & practitioners to service your account
  • MS Model – “Mixed Staff” – We can use a blend of our TriCore Team & your staff
  • FA Model – “Fully Automated” – We can completely automate the app-based experience for your business.

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