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Private Wellness

TriCore’s flagship membership for ultimate accountability! Experience personalized health coaching like you never have before. This membership gives you direct, daily communication with your coach who can provide a wide variety of coaching for your unique needs. From picture messaging on your daily food choices, to motivational messages, to daily workout routines and more!  Your concierge experience and personal relationship with your coach is private and personalized to what YOU need!  You will be granted access to the TriCore app where you will also receive custom programmed workouts with video demonstrations of each exercise, habits, meal plan templates, and more!
Take the TriCore App anywhere and have your coach customize your fitness, nutrition, and recovery programming anywhere you go!  From the gym, traveling, or at-home we can manage your complete wellness from anywhere!  Keep a look out for push notifications coming through the TriCore App for tips, suggestions, and relevant education article shares too!
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No AI – just real life professionals that want to see you succeed

The Nitty-Gritties

  • Concierge calorie counting via picture messaging with your coach. That’ right – never count your calories again. Your coach will do it for you!
  • Direct, daily messaging with your coach for private 1-on-1 support and accountability
  • Weekly check-ins on all of your programming from body stats, habits, fitness, nutrition and more!
  • Custom fitness programming with corresponding instructional videos to ensure proper technique & form
  • Custom reminder messages for accountability
  • Recipes that fit your caloric budget
  • Custom, trackable fitness and wellness Goals
  • Healthy habits checklist
  • Connected health devices integration (like Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin, Withings, Oura and more!) to track body stats, steps, sleep, hydration & more

Month to month plan, with no commitments.

TriCore’s Private Wellness Membership Works!

"Working with TriCore’s Private Wellness Program is a breeze! Easy, fun, and the results show for themselves! I have now lost over 40lbs and have maintained keeping it off!"

"Chris came to us highly recommended from a friend. Our 18 year old son who was a committed college baseball player was having difficulty adding weight - and he had been trying for about a year. The goal was 15 pounds. Within 3 months with Chris he had achieved his goal. Not only that Chris taught him (and really our entire family through the process) healthy eating and exercise habits - lessons he is carrying forward long past our engagement. Highly highly recommend."

"As a Medical Doctor in Naples, I can say that Chris Edwards is the best nutrition and exercise expert I know combining years of knowledge and experience culminating in his precision approach to wellness. He ensures accountability through his methods with his coaching strategies and makes these health goals a lot easier and simpler to attain then most people think. As a physician I have sent 100’s of clients to Chris and he has transformed all of them with his mindset training and tools. For example I had a 65y/o male patient that was about 24% body fat, he ended up losing a shocking 17 lbs of pure fat in 10 months and he gained 1lb of muscle through this journey! Real measurable weight loss and no Yo-Yo dieting! I could hardly recognize this patient and he said to me, “your friend Chris made it easy and simple to lose weight. I was not eating enough good food and wasn’t eating regularly enough so I cut out some bad calories and ate more good food. And the rest was easy to stick too…I could do this plan forever” this is when I knew Chris made getting in shape attainable and much simpler than you think. He has personally helped me lose about 3% body fat in 2 months, incredible… Let Chris show you the way."

"Working with Nic online and in person has helped me lose 15 pounds, build muscle and live a better lifestyle. Working with him on private wellness has really helped me dial in my nutrition and habits. I highly recommend TriCore for anyone who is looking to make a permanent change to their lifestyle."