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Private Clubs

TriCore has revolutionized how Private Clubs offer wellness services to their members by seamlessly implementing a hybrid model that combines online and in-person services. Elevate your member’s experience all while generating new revenue streams for your club.


Support Club Employees with new revenue generating services


Grow the circle of care for members


Connect different departments and eliminating “silos”


Grow the Fitness & Wellness community at your club beyond club walls by staying connected with your seasonal crowd or frequent travelers


Demonstrate the importance of a wellness based ecosystem for members


Be an industry leader by integrating technology and expanding service offerings

Increase service offerings without increasing your square footage!

Source: Katherine Lord (Managing Director CWC) & Jeff Morgan (President & CEO CMAA) – Club Wellness Community Town Hall (1-20-23)

TriCore’s team of professional consultants and advisors are experts in Member Experience.


We know that Clubs are dedicated to their brand which is why we provide White-Labled Solutions. Create a Wellness Ecosystem that is THE point solution for modernizing your club, empowering your staff, and enriching your member experience. We are the next generation of health and wellness!

Member Experience

Member Experience

Your members matter. How your club connects with them does too! Engage with your members, wherever they go, to help drive accountability in their wellness journey.

White Label Branding

White Label Branding

TriCore understands how hard your club works to differentiate itself. That’s why we offer a completely white-labled, custom branded app that is as unique as your club and its members.

Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem Development

Leave the “silo effect” in the rear view. Finally have your fitness, golf, spa, food & bev, and other departments work synergistically to provide an enhanced member experience!