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Mental Wellness

Having a positive mindset, constructive self-talk, and reduced anxiety and stress can help amplify anyone’s fitness and wellness goals! Unbalanced Mental Wellness can have an effect on your hormones, interpersonal interactions, motivation, gut health, and more! It all plays a part with your Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery.

Our industry leading Mental Wellness services help our clients through communication, accountability, and education to help them improve their physical, mental, and emotional state!

Disclaimer: The coaching services you will be receiving from your Coach are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. Your Coach is not acting as a mental health counselor or a medical professional.

3 Key Objectives

We have 3 key objectives when helping our clients with their Mental Wellness:

  1. Generate Awareness
  2. Develop an action plan
  3. Follow-through on that plan


Our Practitioners and Coaches are standing by, ready to work with you to design and execute a personalized plan that will help you take your health and performance to the next level!

Corporate Wellness + Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is a large part of employee productivity and a healthier workplace environment. We encourage all our corporate clients to consider integrating a Mental Wellness program into their organization. We will work with your leadership staff to discuss and develop a targeted program based on your employee’s needs.Contact us to learn more about any of our Mental Wellness Services!

Mental Wellness Assessment


We will provide you with a link to a brief assessment which will give us an overall view of your current mental wellness needs. OQ® Measures, an internationally recognized assessment organization will then provide TriCore with the information we need to match you with the professional that can best optimize your Mental Wellness.

One of our Mental Wellness Professionals will meet with you and discuss their recommendations based on your results. Whether it is one of our Coaches with specialized training in mental wellness, or an Established Mental Wellness Professional, you will be connected with the services and professional that best matches your mental wellness needs.

$200- 40 min meeting to review OQ results

Mental Wellness

Check-In Meetings

Check-in meetings are a great way to check in face-to- face with your Mental Wellness Coach on your current plan and progress. Check-in meeting are 40-minutes in duration and completed virtually. Get Mental Wellness Coaching on the go or from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Single Session – $200

4 Pack – $600

“I got the workouts, I got the nutrition, I got habits…
but I still wasn’t very consistent. I would maybe follow
everything and have a cheat day that would ruin the
next 3 days…I was going in circles and really struggling.
I tried the TriCore Mental Wellness program and it
really helped me to identify why I was breaking promises
made to myself and breaking all the plans I made. It
helped me “unblock” myself as I understood what
actually is blocking me from time to time and preventing
me from following my goals. Conversations with Becky
were very interesting and helped me have “aha” moments
in my head which stayed with me even now. So whenever
I break my rules, first I try not breaking them the same
way as before, but also come back to my plan the next
day and therefore “unblock” myself right away. Now I
can fully focus on workouts, nutrition, habits and being
consistent. Thanks Becky and Tricore!”
– Jovana, Product Manager, ABC Trainerize