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3 Pack

A La Carte Coaching Sessions


Three pack of 50-min one on one Zoom meeting with a seasoned Trainerize expert with years of industry insight & knowledge. Define and dial in your service model, service parameters, and fulfillment process, establish your client avatar and/or master your usage of Trainerize. Each coaching session is customized to YOUR needs and recorded for your convenience. Upon completion of each session, a copy of the recording is sent to you so you can always reference back to the recordings. The goodness doesn’t stop there – purchasing a 3 pack of a la carte coaching sessions automatically grants you access to 1 month to our monthly Mastermind Webinar held the first Thursday of every month at 1pm EST PLUS it’s group coaching Google channel for follow up questions and discussion.

The Nitty Gritties

  • Meetings are recorded & copies are provided
  • Admin access in your Trainerize account for supplemental support & coaching
  • Optional asynchronous coaching & support
  • $30 off Trainerize Masterclass Add On Purchase
  • 1 month access to monthly TriCore Mastermind Webinar & Group Coaching channel
  • Coaching sessions expire after 13 weeks
  • $799 for 3 pack of ALC coaching sessions