3 Massive Mistakes To Avoid In The Gym

September 10, 2020

As a Personal Trainer, Powerlifter, Athlete and Pro Coach, I have seen my fair share of time in the gym working out or training clients. I came up with a list of 3 massive mistakes I see people make consistently.

1. Lifting too much weight too soon.

I see this mistake a lot, especially with people who are new to working out and their mindset is “the heavier I lift, the stronger I get.” Yes, this is true, but hold on. It is essential to build from the ground up especially when it comes to your body. Strengthening your body using periodization is the way to go when it comes to just getting in the gym. It does not matter what your goal is, building a strong foundation is a key factor for successful results!

2. Doing nothing between exercises.

I will admit this: I used to do nothing between my exercises and I paid the price for it. I constantly remind my clients to do some type of recovery or activation movement between exercises. Not only does this help keep the blood flowing, but it’s also a way to attack the pain points you may have while lifting. For example, if your shoulder is hurting while doing a chest press, stretch your pec between exercises and release some of the tightness causing the pain. Constantly doing active recovery between your exercises will help you in the long run in preventing injuries and ailments.

3. Skipping your warm-ups

Listen, I don’t need to tell you that you need to warm-up before exercising. Since elementary school, it has been ingrained in our heads that doing a proper warm-up before activity can help prevent injury to the muscles. So, why do so many people skip warm-ups? The simple answer is we may not see an immediate value in a proper warm-up before working out. But trust me! It is valuable and it creates a healthy habit for our body, and prepares us for intense activity. A simple warm up I preach to all of my clients goes as follows:

-Leg swings side to side x 12
-Leg swings front to back x12
-Bodyweight squat x12
-Plank variation x20-30s
-Rowing or pushing movement x12
Repeat x 3 rounds

This warm-up only takes about 5 minutes, so there is no excuse as to why you aren’t doing it!

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Nic Newell, TriCore Pro Coach