Sports Teams

TriCore is passionate about helping Sports Teams! With a large majority of our professional staff being former College and Pro Athletes, we know what it takes to reach the highest levels of performance!

  • Education
  • Accountability
  • Player Development
  • Confidence
  • Support
  • Safety
  • Mental Wellness

These are the core components to our Sports Team programs that can include Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery services to help develop each individual player, while also helping form a more cohesive bond in synergy and team play.

Part of our programs with Youth Sports is also focused on Player Responsibility and helping to establish Healthy Long-Term Habits.

Empowering Players and Coaches

Coaches! Do you want to…

  • Maintain touch with your players?
  • Keep tabs on them in the off-season?
  • Gain insights on player progress and performance?

By leveraging technology, health data, and professional coaching, our team of professional coaches will work with your coaches to develop an app-based health and performance program together! Frequent meetings, zoom calls, and private group chats in our app connect our coaches with your coaches to develop programs and processes you need to help keep your team on track!

Synergy is key! We are determined to help understand your team’s dynamics and position the best program for your squad!

The TriCore Difference

Every player will be attached to a TriCore coach!

That is the TriCore difference!

We focus on the facts and core principles of Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery. We pride ourselves in cutting through all the misinformation in the fitness and wellness industry to educate the players. Our goal is to develop your players using the scientifically proven facts in health and performance training science.

Our programs involve our professional staff of Fitness Coaches, Clinical Nutritionists, Physical Therapists and Mental Health Coaches. Your players will have access to coaches that care and are ready and able to provide guidance with just a quick message in our app!

Parents involvement

We highly encourage parents to be involved in our programs with the teams! As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to give the best possible opportunities to our children. We also know you want to stay informed of what’s going on.

This is why we encourage our sports team accounts to have a “parents-only” group chat. This is a key feature where parents can be directly involved in the program and contact the TriCore Coach with any questions they may have.

Stay up to speed with programming changes, announcements, and educational tips to help keep everyone on track!

And with the other programs we provide, like our Premier Program, we encourage “Family Goal Congruence” to encourage every member of the family (parents included) to participate in our TriCore programs for even more synergy and support!

We have specific resources made specifically for parents to help them with our app-based platform!

Program Options

Our Programs can involve Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery and Mental Wellness services, education, and coaching.

Developing a custom program for your team or club’s needs is 100% achievable! We will modify our program offering and pricing structure to fit your clubs needs and budget.

Already have a Strength and Conditioning Coach for your Club? No problem! In fact, we want to work WITH him/her to develop a synergistic approach that complements the needs and goals of the team/club! We will work with your coaches and existing staff to fill in the gaps and help you create a complete high-performance program.

We also have a Mental Wellness Program too! Click here to learn more about these services!

App Features

Engagement and utilization are important!

The TriCore Wellness App or your Custom Branded App from TriCore has amazing features to help keep the players, coaches, and parents engaged!

Top Features Include:

  • Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Connected Health Devices
  • Integration
  • Private In-App Groups
  • DM (Direct Messaging)
  • Automated Messaging Options
  • Habits and Client
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • File Storage
  • 3rd Party app integrations (Ex.Zapier, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • Scheduling and Appointment
  • Options
  • Integrated calendar for accomplishments and assignments
  • In-App Meal Tracking
  • In-App Payment Processing
  • Workout programming with video and text instructions
  • Meal Planning
  • … and more!


Our specialty is our Group Online Coaching Program.
This program has proven benefits for engagement and improvements in physical and mental health!

Below are a few of our most popular packages.
We can also develop a Custom Package for your Team or Club too!

Base Package

  1. Custom Branded App
  2. Business and Programming Consulting

In this package we will work with your coaches and management staff to help you leverage the full potential of the app.

Plus Package

  1. Custom Branded App
  2. TriCore Coaches
  3. Surveys

This package will be using the TriCore Coaches to program and communicate with your players. We can also collaborate with your team/club staff on programming!

Premier Package

  1. Custom Branded App
  2. TriCore Coaches
  3. Seminars and Presentations (for Coaches and/or Players)
  4. Surveys
  5. Challenges

This is our top tier package! High touch and engagement with purposeful objectives in the programming to maximize performance!

Contact us for a quote based on your clubs needs and goals.

Payment and Funding Options

Every Team or Club is different. We know this.

We have flexible payment options to work with your budget to make sure we get the programming features you need within your budget!

Common Options:

  • Per player Per month
  • Flat Fee
  • Club sponsored
  • Partial club sponsored
  • Parent sponsored (booster)
  • Multi-Team rates
  • Club wide rates
  • Jersey Sponsorships to fund the program
  • Family Goal Congruence programs
  • In-App advertising and promotions
  • … and more!

Let’s get creative to work with your budget and bring your team or club
the program that will take your players to the next level!

Ready to give it a shot???
Contact us to schedule a call and we can give your team a FREE 30-Day Team Trial!

*Pricing starting at $15 per player per month
*Final pricing based upon number of players & program components