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  • With the TriCore Strength Club, you are fully engaged in a complete Powerlifting experience – in-person and online!
    This program takes you through several phases of periodization to peak for strength in 3 main core lifts – Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. Whether you compete or not, this program is sure to test your strength and help develop a solid foundation for Raw Powerlifting.
    TriCore Strength Club includes:
    • Up to 3 times per week training in-person with TriCore coach Judy DeCambra, NASM-CPT, SFG Level I
    • TriCore app access
    • Free Strength Club Download and go program
    Month to month plan, with no commitments. Payment is billed to your credit card or debit card on file.
    Cancellation policy: 30-days notice in writing and emailed to
  • This program is designed for women of any age who want to get leaner and stronger!  Coach Judy's Training is focused around Kettlebells, Dumbbells, and Barbells. Program Includes:
    • 3 Months of Online Training
    • Weekly Check-ins with Videos for form checks
    • Monthly Checkpoint Meetings via zoom (3)
    Training Program can be designed for in gym or in home