Member Services

Is your business looking to…

  • Improve membership retention?
  • Provide wellness services to complement your existing services?
  • Generate more revenue?

Teaming up with TriCore can complement your facility by bringing in the components that you don’t offer!

We use modern day technology to deliver customized workout, nutrition, and wellness programs tailored towards your gym, your equipment, and your members needs.

Members will know exactly what to do when they walk into your facility and never feel lost again. They will have a complete wellness program from you on their phone to make them feel in control of their health!

Program Option:
App-Based Online Training

TriCore has perfected the Online Training business model.

At the “core” of our Club Services are our Online Training and Online Fitness Programs. Developing a relationship with a coach and having direct communication with that coach from your facility is key!

Our most successful programs are membership-based. Direct coaching is extremely important for accountability, habit change, and consistency, to see real results that last a lifetime! This direct line of communication also helps greatly with membership retention!

Our Specialty

TriCore’s specialty is working with businesses and developing customized large-volume solutions! But we also have ready-to-go program options for each branch of our business services as well.

  • Free with upsells
  • Cost per month
  • Challenge programs for engagement

… and more!

Work with us to develop the best strategy for your club and its needs!

Program Option: Wellness Services

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Blood Testing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Functional Movement Assessments
  • Meal Plans
  • Educational Presentations
  • Small Group Nutrition Coaching
  • Grocery Store Trips
  • … and more!

We have the services and programs your members need!

By working with TriCore, we can develop organized and specialized wellness services programs, packages, and offerings to keep your members engaged and on track with their fitness and wellness goals!

  • Produce better results for your members!
  • Keep them coming back!
  • Share their pics and videos on social media!
  • And have them brag about their gym!

We can help with all of this!

Interested in Employee Wellness too?
We have package solutions for Club services and Employee Wellness!

Contact us today!

Want to learn more about how we can develop a Custom Branded App?

Check out our Custom Branded App Page to learn how you can pair this with your Club Services

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