Certified Health Coach

Becky Sharon, M.S.

Becky is passionate about working with high performers who are driven to optimize results in their life. She has extensive training in brain health and whole-body wellness coaching. Becky’s coaching techniques are simple, rapid, and focused for fast results. Her unique combination of training in neuroscience and expertise in rapid transformational coaching optimizes your path to success. Becky is dedicated to developing robust, cutting-edge programs designed to rapidly dissolve the barriers people face in every area of their life.

Becky currently serves as Vice President of Gulf Coast Mental Health Counseling Association, as a member of the governing board of Charity for Change, and as a member of the Advisory board of FGCU School of Entrepreneurship.

We are excited to have Becky as part of our new Mental Wellness program!


M.S., Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling
RMHCI, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
FMCHC, Function Medicine Certified Health Coach
Certified Rapid Transformation International Coach
Certified Professional Brain Health Coach
Certified Direct Neurofeedback Technician
Certified Coach, Achieve Today

*PhD Candidate, Regent University, Expected 2022