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A little more about TriCore Wellness.

We are a Wellness Management Company that specializes in:

  • High-Performance Health Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Online Training

We are focused on the integration of technology, health data, and professional coaching. We capture and analyze information about your Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery to develop plans, coaching strategies, and detailed analysis to help you achieve any health and performance goal!

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Helping you achieve any health and wellness goal!

The TriCore Team

Chris Edwards

Owner & Managing Director

Nic Newell

Pro Coach

Paige Jarsombeck

Pro Coach

Micah West

Pro Coach

Brian Baker


Judy DeCambra


Gaynell Anderson

Physical Therapist & Coach

Lindsay Benezra

Pro Coach & Physical Therapist Assistant

Jason Toledo

Coach & Club Services Account Representative

Jen Mahama


Chris Williams


Monica Granda


Beth Ellen DiLuglio

Lead Clinical Nutritionist

Amy Pieczarka

Clinical Nutritionist

Eunice Holmes

Clinical Nutritionist

Basilia Castiglione

Clinical Nutritionist

Natali Castiglione

Clinical Nutritionist

Monia Sorrels

Operations Manager

Pam Parr

Client Services Manager

Kristen Edwards

Administrative Assistant

Scott Parr


“I am a 61-year-old female. I own my own business so fitness has always been hard to find the time. But after surviving cancer I knew I had to get on the right track. I lost 25lbs and 5% body fat in my first 3 months! Now I’m getting stronger and feeling great!”

“Working with TriCore’s Private Wellness Program is a breeze! Easy, fun, and the results show for themselves! I have now lost over 40lbs and have maintained keeping it off!”


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